Hi My name is Annie, I am currently teaching both general English and Medical English in Beijing, so love to meet people who has same experience as me.
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Hi I am from Kosova. I am. looking. for a pen friend so I am law. student. my name is Vahide. imeri my email. address is (Deleted. Please register and put any contact information you wish to share in your profile -Moderator)
Dear Annie,
I would like to connect with you as I also teach Medical English. Please contact me at: Email Removed

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Hi My name is Michael. I am currently teaching in Japan. I am teaching a high level 9 year old English and experienced nurse Medical and General English for his upcoming trip to Toronto and Los Angeles. Its hard finding enough content as he only wants verbal communication however his boss has just sent him a big document in Medical English to comprehend. I am an engineer graduate with some biology background and I dabbled in medical technology but some of this is beyond me.

Hi Annie,

I am currently looking to teach Medical English like yourself. I am from the United Kingdom, however I am currently residing in Medellin Colombia. I have over 5 years experience working as a registered nurse and I am also TEFL qualified with a years experience.

I have a passion for nursing and education and I would love to connect the 2 together. Do you have an opinion on teaching via Skype? Do medical professionals living in Beijing like to learn this way? Finally, what's the pay like?

Sorry lots of questions!

I look forward to hearing from you.


I don't use Skype for teaching not that I couldn't- just no students seeking that sort of teaching. I teach in Japan- Beijing is unknown to me. This situation was a mere a sideline for me.

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Hi Jadenurse

Sorry, I came back to Sydney, Australia 2 years ago. I want to focus more on my RN experience. Are you still doing nursing and if yes, which field?

From what I know of, They prefer face-to-face session. Pay is similar to a regular English Teacher in any school. I only did 2 hours of teaching per week so it's only a hobby thing, definitely not a full-time job.

Kind Regards,


Thanks for your replies.

Annie my last nursing role finished in January, when I commenced my travels in South America. I was working on a Major Trauma Ward caring for high dependency patients with poly-trauma injuries. How is your training going? I have always been curious as to what the nursing is like in Australia.

Thanks for the tips Re Skype teaching. I suppose I just need to try and establish some private clients here in Medellin.

Hi James,

Wow, You are quiet experience in your specific field. so Jealous, you see I do general Nursing.

I am actually preparing to go over to the USA, so currently getting the paperwork for nursing board over there. Reallyx3 complicate...

Do you have skype? My skype is uounique, If you want, you can send me your CV and I am happy to pass your CV to my friends in China, they may have someone who's interested in learning via the internet.

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