One day my friends and I talked about Schiavo's case. We learned that her brian damage was caused by "a medical error". I am not sure if the phrase is accurate to describe her case. I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to describe what caused her brian damage. At the same time, I think of "mal practice". Are they of the same meaning? Are there other phrases describing medical accidents, for example, wrong diagnose, any accidents in surgeries, wrong description, etc. Many thanks.
medical error -- do you mean a misdiagnosis?

Malpractice implies negligent or unethical conduct on the part of the doctors.
A "medical error" is simply an error, or mistake, made by a qualified medical person which results in harm to the patient.

If a surgeon removes the wrong leg or kidney, for example, that would be a very serious medical error.

In prescribing drugs, a doctor may misplace the decimal point, resulting a prescription for 1g of the drug instead of 100mg. Or a prescription could be misread, so that the patient receives either the wrong drug or the wrong amount, etc.

An anaesthetist could cause harm by making an error and depriving the patient of sufficient oxygen during surgery, which could lead to brain damage or even death.

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Hello, Julielai, I am not sure what "medical error" means. Could you explain to me? Could you give me some phrases describing medical accicents, such as wrong description, accidents in surgeries, wrong diagnoses, errors in treatment? Thanks a lot
I thought I had read that her brain damage was caused by a chemical imbalance resulting from anorexia and bulemia.
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