Hi, I am doing research for my MSc project dealing with the needs of medical professionals to enhance their English language proficiency. Besides data that will be gathered via questionnaires and focus group interviews, I am about to collect secondary data. One of the very important pieces of information that will support the hypothesis that doctors cannot perform successfully without being competent in English is the number of medical journals published in English. These journals often provide the latest information and can be a very useful source of professional information. Does anyone know where that (approximate) number can be found? Tnx in advance, JR.
You've set yourself a huge task here, guest! A quick google search on "English language medical journals" returned 970,000 hits!

You might try contacting the British Library, which might be able to tell you about BrE Journals, and AmE journals published in UK

http://www.bl.uk /

There is probably an equivalent organistation in US, but i don't know what it is. Probably Library of Congress.

http://www.loc.gov/rr /

If you can get a list of all the different specialities and colleges (eg College of Surgeons etc.) they might be able to help you with titles / numbers of their specialist journals. Every specialty has at least one journal.

Good luck!!
You may also want to ask how many English speaking doctors actually read English language journals relevant to their field.

Contacting this site may help get the info you need http://www.icmje.org /

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