Hi there! Would it be "He was born at 36 weeks' gestation, 36 weeks gestation, or 36-weeks' gestation? Or am I even remotely close? Thanks for your help!
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36 weeks gestation and 36 weeks' gestation seem to both be used. I would say 36 weeks as it's like saying 36 weeks of gestation

You should use 36 weeks' gestation.

Here's my reason why: this deals with possessive adjectivies. Use 's or s', whichever is appropriate, with units of time used as possessive adjectives.

example: One year's experience, two months' history, three days' time.

Hope this helps,

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You could well be right; I'll forward this to a professor friend of mine..
From Collins Cobuild:


..from about the fourth month of gestation, and appears to be involved in..
..36th week of gestation on embryos of less than six month's gestation.
..her birth length by about 20 weeks gestation, but she does not reach half her..
..systems. The final 30 weeks of gestation, called the fetal period, is..
..expected for the number of weeks of gestation completed, however long that may..
..for the first 10 days of gestation, from conception to..
..risky during the first month of gestation. Half of infants exposed in this
..All the specifications of weeks of gestation I've given here are based on the
..typically divide the weeks of gestation into three unequal subperiods,
..consequences at any time in gestation, most have effects only during
..the ninth and eleventh weeks of gestation. Neither of these procedures is
..babies of as little as 26 weeks gestation now survive outside the womb,
..or-less unvarying timetable. The gestation of a work of literature can be 24
..normally occurs, then the period of gestation of the human infant is 38 weeks
.turn round during the 116-120 day gestation period. They may also be tethered
..actions. [p] The elephant's gestation period is another subject of
..done between 16 to 18 weeks of gestation, shows an abnormally high AFP
..is born before the full 38 weeks of gestation. Such infants are usually labeled
..embryo experiments after 120 days gestation, ten times longer than the time
..swift. By the eighth week of gestation, the embryo is roughly
..during the first 12 weeks of gestation, this is the period of greatest
..as to whether she should bear the gestation to term or, instead, terminate

during the 116-120 day gestation period

for the first 10 days of gestation, from conception to

embryo experiments after 120 days gestation, ten times longer

So no apostrophe according to Collins.
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Hello, everyone:
It's 36 weeks gestation .... no apostrophe needed. I think some of you may not be aware that punctuation and grammar do not always follow the norms in medical or nursing English. We have our own shorthand that is well understood and accepted in the field. For example, did you know that placing a question mark before a word, phrase or diagnosis means simply that we are investigating something?

eg: ? pregnancy
? MI (Myocardial infarction)

This is also sometimes written (at least in North America) as R/O , meaning Rule Out.
The process here is the same. We will investigate and rule out a variety of disorders or situations that may be causing the symptoms or behaviour. In this case, though we will only write the R/O once, and then list what we are investigating. When using the question mark method, we will write ? in front of each item.

eg: R/O MI

Most facilities in Canada have a list of approved abbreviations that all health professionals are to review and use. We cannot simply make-up our own (as many would like to do). The lists are available on all units at the Nursing Station.

Hope this helps.... Melodie (Nursing Instructor)
I have a three year old and a did a termination of pregnancy two 7 months ago. I am having problems conceiving now that I want to have another child. testing have shown that the lining of my womb is thick what does that mean.

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Hi! This is quite a personal question and one that is looking for more than mere translation. May I suggest you contact a Nursing website for some assistance. You might try www.nursesnetwork.co.uk or simply type in Nurses websites on your internet browser.
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