Please, help me to find templates of medical referral letters.

Where can I find such examples ?

You are unlikely to find any as the conditions are so individual. This gives a breakdown of what such a letter should contain: http://www.gibbs-dental.co.uk/firstyears/61.htm

T his is a template which may help: http://mentalhealth.bddgp.org.au/cb_pages/referral_letter.php
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can you please provide information on where can put this referral letters in EMR.

Please will you provide some examples using java for referral (referral orders)
thank you very much
Dr Gabbah

Dear Sir,

Ref: Medical treatment

Bearer of this letter is a dependant (Spouse) of our staff based in Bo. She complains sick.

Please treat her and forward medical bill to our head office at 67 hannah cole st.

Your faithfully

HR Assistant
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