Hello! I've been helping a friend with an exercise of matching medical terms with definitions. The problem is that i cannot figure them out as i don't have a clue when it comes to the hierarcy of medical positions. i' ve got the terms 1.official, 2.staff, 3. personnel, 4, consultant, 5. medical assistant, 6. senior registrar, 7. registrar and the definitions A. all the people employed by a company
B.doctor with many years experience but not qualified /
C. a consultant who has worked as registar in his specialty in teaching hospital/ D.a newly qualified doctor who serves one year before being admitted to the registration/ e. a doctor who has completed the qualifying period as a House Officer and studies for a higher qualification/
F.a person who has a public office;civil servant
G.the doctor who doesn't want to progress to the Consultant post
I think i've found the profound ones but then again i'm not sure at all
1-F 3-A....Any help would be much appreciated..thank u in advance☺

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