Are both correct? Please suggest apt usage. Thanks!
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As far as I know the first is correct.
Yeah, I've never seen the latter being used, not until today.
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I believe the first is definitly correct.
The latter one, I've never seen this word before.
Try & search for the word 'Medicene' in any of the search engines. It is being used quite often. Let me know what you think.
Hello, Benita. I think that people who write "medicene" have made a mistake! It is definitely "medicine" in English.
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Hi Abbie! Well a whole lot of people are using this word! Did you conduct a search in google or any other search engine? I'll bet you'll be Emotion: surprise
No- not too shocked, benita. Easy to make a mistake. Emotion: smile
I actually looked up the word at Google Search Engine and found out some interest site.
I think people use the word "Medicene" widely.
But if you want to use it in medical field then I would suggest you to use the word "Medicine"
Due to several usages of "Medicene"... It would be better to use the right word
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