Dear teachers?

suppose you are on a plane having a bad headache and asking a FA for some medicine to take, by saying   Excuse me, I have a terrible headache.   What comes after that?

Can I get something for it?
Do you have something for it?

Do these sound natural to you?  or what would be the best thing to say?

Thank you very much
I'm not even sure that they are allowed to dispense medication, are they?

Excuse me, I have a terrible headache. Do you happen to have any aspirin or other pain reliever, by any chance?

That would be natural. "Can I get something for it" sounds a little like you expect them to do something about it - and they may not have the ability to help you.
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 Thank you for your reply.
I love your cat. I had a black cat myself. She lived for 20 healthy years and just passed away last year.
By the way, taking your advice,  is it possible to say  "Do you happen to have any pills to take(or medicine to take), by any chance?"
Hope you'd write me again, thank you.
I would use the word "medicine" instead of "pills."

Pills can have a few meanings, including illegal drugs.

The black cat in the picture is my newer one - I hope she has as long and healthy a life as yours, but I've very sorry to hear that yours recently died. I also have a black male "step cat" that my husband had when we got married. He's the sweetest boy ever.
 Thank you Grammar Geek
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