Is having English as a medium of instructions in non-english countries very helpful in the development of English skills of people in that place?
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I think your question could be rendered as the following:

Is it very helpful to have English as a means of instructions in non-English speaking countries in order to develop their people's language skills?

What do you think?¨


Based on the original, I think the sentence would sound more natural this way: Using English as a medium of instruction would be / is helpful for people living in non-English speaking countries whose desire is to develop / improve their language skills.
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medium or means? I think means is more appropriate in this context.

I'd like to make a correction to my question version: "instruction"(singular) instead of "instructions".

The poster's question refers to the use of English as the language spoken in public schools (public instruction) in non-English speaking countries.

This has been done in my country for almost a decade so far.

But, I think that's not enough since we may need to improve the system instead of applying approaches or changes suitable for first world countries.



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renan torres-riveromedium or means? I think means is more appropriate in this context.

Here is an article:


Why English should be the medium of instruction

by Bernardo Villegas
Manila Bulletin 26 May 2000