(1) a high quality motor shaft that meets with your approval.

(2) a high quality motor shaft that meets your approval.

Which is right or wrong?
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I'm not so sure that the words 'high quality' are totally out of place.

If I'm manufacturing Rolls-Royces, I'm sure that high quality is what I want.

If I'm manufacturing budget-priced cars, I might well be happy with a motor shaft that meets my minimum requirements.

Best wishes, Clive
Thank you very much, everyone!

Your help more than meet with my approval.
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I have another similar query.
Which of the following 2 options for a photo caption is correct?
1. ABC meets with XYZ. 26 Jan 1951.
2. ABC meets XYZ. 26 Jan 1951.
(In the photo ABC and XYZ are shaking hands.)

Neither is wrong.

I believe that both are technically correct, but the latter option seems to imply that the two figures are meeting for the first time, whereas the former suggests that they had a substantive discussion.
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Please let know if this request meets with your approval

(2) a high quality motor shaft that meets your approval.

The shaft (it) meets

number 2 is correct.