What is the difference between memoir and diary?
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A diary is a record of personal events, experiences, feelings and thoughts bassed on their daily lives. It is meant be not exposed in public even though there are some cases that a diary is written with the intention for publication.

A memoir is smiliar to a diary. However, it may be less vivid and have a distorted point of the writers' view since it is recalled and retold the events that happened to them a quite some time ago.

A memoir is written sometime after the event that the person is writing about and may be even years after the event.

A diary is usually wrote in after a short time normally that evening or the day after and has a much shorter time span before the writer writes.

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A diary could be a daily schedule of appointments, or a narrative of ones daily life covering a number of months or years. On the other hand a Memoir is normally associated with an individuals life story, collated into a series of articles for either a magazine, newspaper, or even a book for example; to be marketed and sold by a celebrity for instance, or a well known figure in the public eye.