What is the difference between memoir and diary?
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A diary is a daily accounting of events and thoughts, usually informal in nature.

A memoir is a more formal composition, often intended for publication.

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A diary is a record of (unrelated) events in one's life whereas a memoir selects specific events or scenes and weaves them into a thematic story. You could write a memoir about your dog, for example, and another memoir about your mother-in-law. In either case you select certain stories or themes and weave them into a narrative.
A diary tells what happens within a specific time frame and is written about specific things that have happened. It doesn't address the person to whom these things happened. Diaries are usually written as a record of events, transactions or observations kept daily or at frequent intervals.

Memoirs are not personal narratives. Memoirs are not single moments. Memoirs are about the plot lines or patterns that bind those moments together.
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In addition to what my friends said, I think you can have diary about future both memoir is always about past.

AH020387 What is the difference between memoir and diary?

A diary is a personal record that is written possibly everyday. Because of its nature, it contains personal secret, emotion, etc. On the other hand, a memoir is a story of what happened to the narrator in the story, of which intention is to publicise.

A diary is a personal record that people write about their daily experiences and events of their daily lives from their own point of views. The writers can confess their secrect feelings and thoughts, which they dont want to share with anyone else, in the form of writing. Even though, it is intended to be kept as a personal document and not to be published, somtimes a diary is written with intention for publication, for example a diary written by a public figure, politician, celebrity and etc. Needleless to say, in this case, the true events that have happened to them may be less truthful and objective.

A memoir is also written based on the true events that the writers has experienced at a particular part of their lives. Even though a diary and memoir record personal events, the writers' retelling the events in a memoir may be less vivid than in a diary. To assist them to recall and write memoirs, the meterial from their diaries can be used.

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