Those beautiful childhood days, which/that offered me the sweetest memories to be treasured for my life time.

Those wonderful words that I could hear from the one whom I consider is ....

[is the word ' whom' in above sentence proper?]

Today I had a great time with my friends so thought why not write it down so that I remember it even after its gone.

Is the above sentence complete???
Are these friends romantic involvements? If not, recast your sentences so that they are not so intimately amorous.
They aren"t romantic involvements friends.

The last sentence is meeting some of the school friends after two decades.

The first two sentence is of a girl meeting her grand parents at native.
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Then I suggest that you replace the words 'sweetest' and 'wonderful' with others more specific to those relationships.
Those beautiful childhood days, which/that offered me memories for the life time.

Those affectionatel words that I could hear from the one whom/who I consider is ..

[which word is appropriate in the above sentences 'whom/who' and 'which/that' ?]

Today I had a great time with my friends so thought why not write it down so that I remember it even after its gone.

Is using 'after its gone' proper?

As a child I remember I was not a type of a girl/boy who use to get mingled easily with friends It cannot be said I was arrogant my friends who know me well knew my nature, but somehow I use to not take the pain to go around and make friends infact I preferred my colleagues/ school mates coming to me. FRom very begining since school days I was very choosy of making friends I was very much comofortable/ was happy with the girl/boy/person sitting next to me to be my friends. I believed and still believe in making best friends than having a lot of friends

I tried putting in words more specific to the relationship . Is the above right? Some good/more appropriate words will be highly appreciable.

Those beautiful childhood days, which offered me memories for a lifetime. (grandparents)

Those convivial/heartfelt words that I heard from one who I consider is .. (school friend)

Today I had a great time with my friends so thought 'Why not write it down so that I remember it long after has passed?'.

As a child, I remember I was not the kind of girl/boy (Are you unsure of your sex?) who mingled easily with friends. I was not arrogant with the friends who knew my nature well, but somehow I would not take pains to go around and make friends; in fact, I preferred my colleagues/ schoolmates to come to me. From the very beginng, I was very choosy about making friends. I was very comfortable/ was happy with the girl/boy/person sitting next to me as a friend. I believed and still believe more in finding a best friend than having a lot of friends.
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Is it ok to say as 'convivial email' for a friendly email.

What is the exact meaning and usage of word 'convivial'?
Here are some published examples:

Rodney wasn't the first man who found drink to be a convivial companion in the absence of women.

Her father had been fortunate in his friends and business acquaintances thus far. A convivial man, he was generous to a fault when in funds, always cheerful in...

...deep into the bowels of Egypt's famous pyramids. He's dodged kisses from convivial strangers in Istanbul's Sultanhamet. And he's charmed stone-faced guards armed with M-16s

...thought he might try to slip her his number. The clientele is so convivial, in fact, that at times Delarosa feels like a too-crowded cocktail party.

He went to the bathroom and combed his hair, hoping to look convivial. Then he strolled over to the murderer's back patio, where his neighbor...

...forever, and arguing came as naturally as drinking espresso, both activities performed with convivial and cavalier abandon.

What would Lucile be like when relieved of her parasitic burden? Would she be just as convivial, but not as manipulative?

"Great restaurant, " said Neely, as he finished his apple pie. " Convivial is the feeling I get when I'm here. " " Convivial, " said Neely, with a sigh of pleasure. " What a lovely...

As long as he didn't blow it, he was in. The atmosphere grew convivial, they had a few more beers, and at last Spooz said to his...

...not finding him, his growing edginess soothed, however, by the quiet, convivial company of two slightly stocky men his own age, neither patients nor colleagues.

...whom one sometimes loves to sit, and feel poor-devilish, too; and grow convivial upon tears; and say to them bluntly, with full eyes and empty glasses...

...in those frigid Polar Seas, on the very coasts of that Esquimaux country where the convivial natives pledge each other in bumpers of train oil. The quantity of beer...

...former chef of a Michelin-starred restaurant, might seem too sophisticated. But the convivial communal table along one wall and chef Ferdric Crochet's interpretations of classics like pot-au-feu...

Most of the customers would sit around the counter, while the chef, a convivial character who knew many of his patrons, would suggest dishes based on the seasonal...

These sites generally sell themselves to parents as safe, convivial places for kids to play, learn, and make friends.

...and opened a bottle of Nero d'Avola. The meal couldn't have been more convivial, easy -- or delicious. In the warmth of that gathering, I was...

...hadn't mastered the Perry's vibe. Yet the staff helps promote a convivial attitude that has been a Perry's hallmark since the beginning.

Cobb salad, petrale sole and hamburgers. Excellent cocktails and New York steak. Convivial, casual atmosphere. Some dishes, such as the calamari and lamb shank...