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Oops, that was me, I posted it in our Guest account by accident..

Men gossip about things that interest them the same way women do (perhaps not as frequently for various reasons)

We don't tend to sit around and discuss personal relationships between others much, men regardless of age, tend to agree on one core fundamental set of ideas though (you can guess)

Read "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" - Hilarious and completely true.

I actually met my gf while sitting at a table chatting about this to a friend of mine who'd been having a problem with her bf. Men and women are different and thankgod for it. I like this topic, people don't recognise differences too much as we've historically treated them with contempt. Difference is a great thing; it should be celebrated and discussed, not pushed aside!! arrgg 2003!?! Weren’t we meant to be in space by now?
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like Hitchhicker? hitch,chris or anyone .... do men and women speak different languages or different dialects? what would be the most appropiate definition? I'd love to hear what you have to say about that. surprise, surprise!
I would say that men and woman express themselves differently and can use different language (that is to say words!) when speaking. I think men tend to speak less emotively and more succintly while women use more dramatic and descriptive language. Of course this isn't true to everyone just generally.
We also speak in different ways to different groups of people, of course. I don't think people address their friends in the same ways as their friends' parents!!
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I also think that generally speaking women use more dramatic language. Can you think of any expressions that women would use but men wouldn't? are you with me?
Most common one:

Woman: "You always do that!"
Man: "I don't ALWAYS do that, I didn't do it yesterday!?"

My gf and I have banned this stuff from our relationship; we noticed that men tend to speak (much like Tam was saying) logically we'll say:

"Could you stop that now please!?"

Whereas a woman approaching the same subject might use the 'always' or 'never' word (apparently that's not what she means), it's not what she's really asking:

Girl: "You never call me on time.." - TRANSLATION - "I don't feel appreciated today"
Boy: "I called you on time yesterday!" - SHOULD HAVE SAID - "I'm sorry, lets go watch a film together"
Girl: "You don't take this seriously do you.." TRANSLATION - "Show me more attention!"
Boy: "But I called you yesterday all day?!" SHOULD HAVE SAID - "Let me make it up to you"
yeah hitch you sound like a true "Martian"! Your girl must be reallly proud of you. Even though I have tried hard I have never managed to succeed. I don't think I'll ever understand men and their language.
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Thanks (I think). Men and women have been trying to understand each other since the beginning of human history. Still no luck I guess!
I am half way through the book Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus. I haven't got to chapter 11, which seems to be "the chapter"- maybe then I'll learn something then. I think I must definitely improve my reading skills as I seem to have minsunderstood the whole book. Things couldn't be worse at the moment. Any advice on how to improve me or my reading skills will be welcome. I don't feel like a Venusian I feel like a Jupiterian if that word exists. Totally out.
It's a great book though!! So so funny!

I've heard from people who learnt English that having a dictionary or a '' to look up words all the time, really helps.

If you don't get something, post it here Maj... we'll sort it out for our favourite moderator!
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