Someone has told me that men's favourite song is 'My way', and women's favourite song is 'I will Survive'. What do you think?
Let me guess - it was a girl who told you that, right?
"You were working as a waitress in a coctail bar..."" Don't forget it's me who put you where you are..." " Don't you want me baby...?" Talking Heads- a man's favouriteEmotion: smile
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Well from a younger persons point of biew, I would have to say popular songs/ bands among the girls are songs by Beyonce, Norah Jones, and any NOW Cds. And for boys, G Unit, Greenday, Simple Plan and other 'popular bands'. As for me, I really like Eveansescene's song 'My Immortal' and 'Bring Me To Life'.. Among the boys, for a time 'Stacy's Mom was a huge hit.. but that was mostly for the music video.. and anyone who has seen it knows why. Britney Spears is popular among the guys with her new song Toxic, but for only becuse of the music video... she is half naked and by boys's standards, that is why they like the music... But yeah "I will survive" is a great one...
I like both of them and many many others ..
Bubr Let me guess - it was a girl who told you that, right?

Why did you guess so?

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