And again i caught a new word: mere and merely

Is this sentence correct?

-> What would i merely do without you!

What's the difference between the two? When to use which? And how?

'-Ly' is the common adverb ending for the adjective, 'mere', Sunshine.

It doesn't work in your sentence semantically, because it means 'only', 'not more than':

'I wasn't shouting at you, I was merely expressing my opinion in a forceful voice.'
'He is not the president, he is a mere section manager.'
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So i'd better say: 'What would i only do without you?'
Or 'What would i just do without you?'

Hmmmm....the latter one sounds better to me..
To me the adv. seem to be superfluous in those sentences. Why don't you just say "what would i do without you".
Oh OK..i have never thought about that. We have a sentence like this in German which would use the "only"...that's why i thought it might be possible in english, too.
But Ok, so i'll take the simple Version in futureEmotion: smile
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