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I'm so humiliated. I'll have to leave the group now.

I wouldn't: Patrana's out there, to name only one.

Maybe that should be one of it's definitions. its!

Oh my God ! How could you do this to me ? I thought we were friends !

And what do you think friends are for?
I'm so humiliated. I'll have to leave the group now. Goodbye everybody !

You'll be back.

Lennox Head, Australia
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Accounting is viewed by some as a branch of economics. When you look at what is involved in corporate financial reporting these days, you can see that accountants need to have a grasp of the big picture too.

And I would suggest that quite a number of people who think of themselves as IT specialists are accountants too. I know my late b-i-l, who was mainly a systems analyst, had to take a lot of accountancy exams, and he ended up in the Auditor General's office, which made him pretty much an accountant.

Rob Bannister
It's the Cerberus part i was asking about. What does Cerberus have to do with it ?

Good question. Sorry I misunderstood it.
Cerberus (the Greek 3-headed dog) is probably cognate with Hebrew KeLeV = dog. Phonetically, Cerberus seems somewhat intermediate between KeLeV and cerevisiae, the Latin word for "brewer".
Israel "izzy" Cohen
Is the point perhaps that an economist may work independently ... wants, but that must be mere cynicism . . .)

That must be significant; but I still don't find the Macq definition an exclusive description of an accountant. I feel ... actually had an accountant, I don't think it would have affected his analysis much if I'd ignored it.

There are accountants who are just as independent as any economist. Some economists are now applying their methods to analysing problems that are not at first sight economic - eg the way in which lonely hearts ads works. In the same way accountants can (but not all of them do) apply the central disciplines and core mysteries of accounting to analysing non-financial and non-economic data.

What, I here you cry, are these problems of which you speak? Well reporting environmental and social impacts of various activities is one example.
One of my old students is now having quite an effect arguing for 'tax justice' which although it sounds financial is actually about ethics and morality of tax avoidance.
Accountants run all kinds of organisations by applying notions of organisation, control and fairness derived from accounting, but which may not involve financial information or numbers to any large extent at all.
Mike Page
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