Greetings from a stranger?

Xmas is coming! A new year is coming! I just joined EnglishForward for a short time but I have had a nice time there with a lot of new friends all over the world! Thanks who design this forum for us to meet each other! I want to send some pics of Xmas angels. Hope they will bring happy and lucky things to everybody everywhere!

Enjoy a warm Noel night with your family and friends!

hi Tammy,

You would better post your pic in last year Xmas day ,I'm sure not few friends here desire to see u .

Merry christmas.
Hi Die_hard,

You can find at least 5 pics of me (from page 1 to 3) here:

OK? I want to post some pics of Xmas in this topic in order to happy Xmas all members in EnglishForward. Emotion: wink Another pic! Hope you like it!

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And another pic of Angel! Emotion: wink

Merry X-mas! Emotion: wink

Merry Chrissy to all our friends all over the world.
It really is great to have such a nice bunch of people nearby.

Love and best wishes to all, from all of us to all of us (and everyone else too).
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happy holiday everyone