Hi everyone,

This is not grammar-related, but I hope you will overlook that.

I'd like to offer everyone my best Christmas wishes. I can't send everyone a Christmas card, so instead I thought I would tell you, briefly, what I can see as I sit here and look out of my window.

I see everything covered in a white blanket of snow. It's actually snowing quite heavily, and tonight it will continue until we receive about 30 cms. It's beginning to get dark, and the streetlights have come on, and are shining on the snow. A few cars are passing, with snow spraying up from under their tires. In front of my window, my Japanese elm tree is standing tall and bravely in the snow.

So many people write to this forum from so many countries. I like to think of you all sitting in front of your keyboards, in your own personal world as I am in mine. Perhaps you may have a few moments to post to this thread, telling us what you can see from your window?

Again, my best Christmas wishes to all, Clive
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Hello Everyone,

I do not celebrate Christmas since I belong to a different religion, but I have been visiting a Church in my neighborhood 10 years for now. On Christmas day, I would go to that near by Church and watch how people celebrate and enjoy the festival. Besides, every year ,my friend and I together donate an amount to the Church that would give the money to two poor family who cannot afford Christmas expeneses. We want to see smile on the faces of people, no matter what religion or caste or country they belong.
Hi Guys,

I'm a little concerned that my original post may have given offence to some people. If so, I apologize.

I work and live in an extremely multi-cultural and multi-religious environment, in which most people seem to appreciate the good feelings and happiness that flow from other people's special celebrations.

Perhaps I should have stated more explicitly my respect for the traditions of others. I thought that would be understood. I simply wanted to express my good feelings for others, at a time that has significance for me. If I had a little more character, I'd do that during the rest of the year, too, but I don't.

I chose the topic of what you can see from your window as one that I thought would have universal appeal to people of every culture, in making the world seem a little smaller and more personal. So, if there is anyone who is interested in replying and whom I have not offended, I would still take pleasure in reading about the view from your window.

Best (Christmas) wishes again, Clive
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The cool winter breeze is tickling my pear bush.

Look! How she wiggles and blushes!

(My one and only attempt at being poetic. Don't laugh.)
Clive -- I wasn't offended at all by your post, I just got off track a little thinking about the current controversy about holiday greetings. Sorry if I turned your cheerful wishes into a forum for griping! I know that everyone on this board is very conscious and tolerant of multi-culturalism.

Here's what I can see from my window:

It's 3:39 p.m. and 12 degrees Farenheit (sorry, I don't speak Celsius! I don't think I can even spell it!). It's been snowing lightly all day but the snow is not piling up much, although there's still some left from our last snowfall a couple of weeks ago. (Usually in Denver it gets warm enough to melt all the snow in between snowfalls, but it's been unusually cold lately.) The sky is a very dull whitish-grey. My neighbors across the street have a nice lighting display (they go for "Happy Holidays") but of course it doesn't come on until dark. So it's a pretty cold, dull, grey view at the moment. In the back yard squirrels, finches and chickadees are competing for spots at the bird feeder I filled this morning. I think I'll go take a nap.
Hi Khoff,

Strange. I think of Denver as a warm place.

I think I'll go take a nap. Me, too. Wait a minute, do you think the standard of English in the world will decline if we both take a nap? Me first!

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Strange. I think of Denver as a warm place. I guess it is, compared to Canada. At least a million Canada geese who show up every winter seem to think so. We do have sunshine almost every day -- two gray days in a row is pretty unusual, as was the stretch of several days of near-freezing whether we had a week ago.

I had a nice nap with a cat (a new meaning of "catnap") and now my daughter is making dinner.

I put a "t" in "srange" for you - think of it as an early Christmas present!Emotion: smile
From my 'window':

That's quite a window you have! It looks like 'the hounds of Spring are on winter's traces', but it seems a bit too early for that.

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Hi Clive,

I don't think your message can offend anyone in this forum.However, thanks for giviing us an opportunity to feel the REAL spirit of Christmas.
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