Hi everyone,

This is not grammar-related, but I hope you will overlook that.

I'd like to offer everyone my best Christmas wishes. I can't send everyone a Christmas card, so instead I thought I would tell you, briefly, what I can see as I sit here and look out of my window.

I see everything covered in a white blanket of snow. It's actually snowing quite heavily, and tonight it will continue until we receive about 30 cms. It's beginning to get dark, and the streetlights have come on, and are shining on the snow. A few cars are passing, with snow spraying up from under their tires. In front of my window, my Japanese elm tree is standing tall and bravely in the snow.

So many people write to this forum from so many countries. I like to think of you all sitting in front of your keyboards, in your own personal world as I am in mine. Perhaps you may have a few moments to post to this thread, telling us what you can see from your window?

Again, my best Christmas wishes to all, Clive
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As usual, I stumble in here a month late and a dollar short. Well, too late to compose a Christmas vignette, but here's what it looks like outside my window this morning.
Is that a bird table, Mister M?

What does it attract?

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Great Tits.