Hi everyone,

This is not grammar-related, but I hope you will overlook that.

I'd like to offer everyone my best Christmas wishes. I can't send everyone a Christmas card, so instead I thought I would tell you, briefly, what I can see as I sit here and look out of my window.

I see everything covered in a white blanket of snow. It's actually snowing quite heavily, and tonight it will continue until we receive about 30 cms. It's beginning to get dark, and the streetlights have come on, and are shining on the snow. A few cars are passing, with snow spraying up from under their tires. In front of my window, my Japanese elm tree is standing tall and bravely in the snow.

So many people write to this forum from so many countries. I like to think of you all sitting in front of your keyboards, in your own personal world as I am in mine. Perhaps you may have a few moments to post to this thread, telling us what you can see from your window?

Again, my best Christmas wishes to all, Clive
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Hi there Clive!

- Thanks for sharing your feeling. I also want to share my feeling with you Clive, There's no snow in Vietnam, so what I can see from my window is the blue sky, it's pretty cold right now. And tonight my family and I are decorating the Christmas tree togethere, and many streets near my house are decorated with many beautiful lights and lovely Santa Clauses. Our choir is making many things for our fashion show at church on 24/12.

- You know Clive ! to me, Christmas is the most wonderful season, 'cause Jesus Christ is born, everything will be fantastic, it's a little hard to express all my feeling, and that's what I want to share with you Clive.

P/s: Sorry! my English is not very good.

Best wishes to everybody and Clive.

Well, lots of snow in Canada where Clive lives is what I'd expected, but celebrating the birth of Jesus and decorating the Christmas tree is not what I had envisioned about Vietnam. Thanks for sharing Stevenukd.

Since my laptop is in the basement, all I see out of my window is the aluminum well. But outside in this suburban Chicago neighborhood, just about 90% of the homes are decorated with twinkling lights and colorful ornaments. The trees and bushes have lights wrappred around them and some are blinking on and off. Some windows have electric candles. We have gotten about 10 inches of snow this week and the temperature is about 25F (about -4 C) which is pretty warm for winter in Chicago.

Happy holidays everyone.
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Yes a very merry Christmas to you all.

Well It's quite hot here in Melbourne, Australia. Sun is beaming out of a perfectly clear blue sky bringing the temperatures regularly into the 30's (86 degree Fahrenheit). Everything is green and people are happy with plenty of office breakup parties and BBQs taking place in the pubs and parks.

Beer tastes particularly good at this time of year.

All the best. Be safe and happy.

Time: Dec the 16th, 2005
Place:A city of China.
Temp: 5 degree.

Today is a sunny day. But it's cold for a city where in summer the temperature can reach 40'c.But It's not the coldest in winter, because there's no wind. And in the afternoon people come out.to enjoy the winter sunshines. Chistmas is becoming more and more important in China. Especially for the young, many people will celebrate it every year. I think It may will be the second biggest festival for us, next to the chinese lunar new year. actually Christmas is very near to the New Years day. And it's a day people ring out the old, ring in the new. I think from the begining for Chirstmas to our lunar new year. All the people are enjoying the festival season. It's a pity that the snow can hardly seen in my city. But nevertheless, our happy and peaceful atmosphere is no less.
Out of my window where I'm sitting there's a park. Believe it or not, It's the largest park in my city. and the scene from the window changes with the seasons. There are trees and flowers, paths, and stages. In the morning people will do morning excersies and in the evening people will dance. I can hear the music everyday, but sometimes it's not as interesting as you think. because the music they play are always the same. Although it's winter, it's like spring except the coldness. because the trees are green. the sun shines, and the whole city looks more beautiful than before, because recently the local govenment is planning for a greater city area. and you can see the construction of buildings everywhere and the old buildings are demolished. It's a good thing, becaue everything is prospering and industry is boosted.
Happy Chirstmas To You!
Merry Christmas everyone! But besides that, what about the people that don't celebrate christmas? I'm not one of them I'm just trying to be considerate. Emotion: smile
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I don't celebrate the Chirstmas. But people can still enjoy its benifits. for example, I can enjoy the good discounts in the supermarket.
I am particularly happy that Hanukkah begins this year on Dec. 25 (and continues for 8 days), so I can do most of my shopping at the after-Christmas clearance sales! There is a lot of controversy in the U.S. this year over whether people (stores in their advertising, President Bush in his holiday cards, etc.) should say "Merry Christmas" or something more general like "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings." Personally, I do appreciate it when people realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas. So, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and general good wishes to everyone else!
'I guess 'Walmart' is the store that first changed it's holidy slogan from 'Merry Christmas' to 'Happy Holidays';how ver, I guess it has become a big controversy, I guess.
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