There are persons who laugh or weep, mostly to the extent of eccentricity, under the influence of alcohol. I wonder what you call such persons.

1-1. a sentimental drinker
1-2. an easily-weeping drinker
1-3. any other?

2-1. a merry drunk(ard)
2-2. a happy drunk(ard)
2-3. a cheerful drunk(ard)
I think most people get merry, happy or cheerful under the influence of alcohol, I want a word for a person who gets over-cheerful (eccentrically cheerful).

Thank you.
We don't really have specific words for this, just combinations of words like a happy drunk.
i would call such a person a drink lover,because once you make it a habit then you start searching occassion.ok
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Thank you very much, everybody.
I wonder if 'a laughing drunk' works for a person
who laughs to the extent of eccentricity when drunk.
Thank you.
I think that you could use the phrases "happy drunk" and "melancholy drunk."

That is, if I'm the first, when I have to much to drink, I tend to get quite "happy" in my actions. Things seem funnier, etc.

Or, if I'm the latter, I tend to get very sad when I drink, things seem worse than they really are, etc.
ebullient drunkEmotion: big smile
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Thank you very much, everybody, for so many examples.