What does "I dub the unforgiven" exacly mean.

If dub is used as a transitive verb meaning : "to call by a distinctive title, epithet, or nickname", it should be "I'm dubbed the unforgiven".

I don't get it.
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That sounds right to me.

There's a bluegrass version by someone or other (Iron Horse?)
where the 'thee' is much clearer.

It is confusing. I think the unforgiven must have been pretty
confused too. ("Hey! Is he dubbing us?" "I thought he said
'thee'. That can't be us. We're we." "Well, there's no one
else round here...")
No other online Merriam-Webster fans here?

Dub (transitive verb)
1 a : to confer knighthood on b : to call by a distinctive title, epithet, or nickname
2 : to trim or remove the comb and wattles of
3 a : to hit (a golf ball) poorly b : to execute poorly
- dub·ber noun

Don't know the song, but meaning 1 would work in context, as would meaning 3, especially if "the unforgiven" were chickens. Have you ever forgiven a chicken?

It would be a great act of metal band power if you could personally and permanently confer unforgivenness on someone as if you were knighting them. A touch of my sword, or guitar, and you, my friend, are be(k)nighted as one of the unforgiven. A bit like "I cast thee into Hell," which is surely the main theme of thoughtful metal music today.
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Hi Kayaker,

it is "I dub thee unforgiven". Here are the last 3 lines of the song which show this:

You labeled me
I’ll label you
So I dub thee unforgiven

My brother was a huge Metallica fan so if you are still not convinced I will ask him to confirm this for you when he gets back from his weekend break.
It's an interesting subject, could anyone else give more opinion about it?

I beleive that the song is about a man who never forgave his father... His father forced him to live the life he wanted him to, and he hated it... he was beat when he did anything against him. But what I don't quite understand is when he dies regretfully, is he regretful for not fogiving his father or for not living his life.
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I am certain it is "THEE" rather than "THE" in the song.

Interestingly enough, there are two versions to that song.... "Unforgiven" and "Unforgiven II"

Compare these two verses from both versions and I think it will help you understand more...


What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub thee unforgiven

You labeled me
I’ll label you
So I dub thee unforgiven


"Unforgiven II"

Oh, what I've felt
Oh, what I've known
I take this key and I bury it in you
Because you're unforgiven too

Never free, never me
'Cause you're unforgiven too, oh

"I dub thee unforgiven" = I will never forgive you.
Dubbing thee is a knighting.I gotta get back to my homework.FERSHIZZLE!Keep on rockin` Jeremiah L. Franklin County,TN
nice man but wots unforgven2 all bout?[H]
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hi everyone i'm a mexican boy so if i make a mistake let me now ok
i have the really meaning of (i dub the unfrogiven) if you listen all the song u find this:

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub the unforgiven

so in spanish i understand like this and says:
en todo lo que he sientido (in everything i've felt)
en todo lo que he conocido (in everything i've know)
nunca me entusiasme en lo que te mostre( (i) never shined through in what i've show)
nunca sere libre (never free) it means more like (i never be free)
nunca sere yo (never me) = ( i never be me)
es por eso que nunca me lo perdonare ( so i dub the unforgiven) i u let you open your mind u can understand like this ( that's why i will never forgive me)

and sounds like this:

in everything i've felt (what i've felt)
in everything i've know (what i've know)
i never shined through in what i've show (never shined through what i've show)
i never be free (never free)
i never be me (never me)
that's why i will never forgive me (so i dub the unforgiven)

i think that's what james try to say

c y
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