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I have a fear of the ocean in both realistically and metaphorically. I like to compare it to my feelings often. When I am going through a dark time, it's as if I'm drowning and I'm afraid of whatever's under me pulling me into the void of emptiness yet suffocation. When I decide to try to help myself and I do end up getting better, I am above water, breathing. However, it feels exhausting like it's hard to try and yeah it's better when I'm above water and breathing but sometimes you just wanna let yourself drop and fall. All I want is to get to shore.

These metaphors could be used for water in general:

Water is murky- shady, uncertain, unclear

One might "fill up" their (complete your metaphor

Water "spills over" (complete your metaphor)

At the banks of the shore

Splash of or awash with

Something or someone could be "brimming"

The water "swells"

Water boils- hot, anger, frustration, temper

Don't forget old sailor's tales about the unforgiving Sea, the ocean is often referred to as a woman yet also is called the great Poseidon

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The ocean can be unforgiving.

i'm a student writing a story


I'm a student writing a story.

Write it as shown above.

And after that, what do you expect us to do with this information?


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life is an ocean, it can be calm and peaceful, or rough and merciless depending on the tide.

The shells sinking into the sand

the ocean holds many unpredictable sights; life is unknown, you never know whats going to happen as life goes on

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yes you are write thank you