How can I compare life and the ocean? I need it for an extended metaphor poem
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Hi Guest.

Unstable life---unstable bodies of water (ocean)?

Life develops in cycles---ocean moves in cycles (tides) Could you include the moon here?, it influences the ocean, many people think the moon has inlfluence on us too, at least moon and poem are words that fit well...

The ocean contains other lives. Our body (life) contains multiple complete systems.
Hiya Guest,

I myself is trying to compare life with ocean using meataphors. Have you found any useful suggestions? I have until February 27th so please do reply.

Thank you,

Anina Vanriya
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life is like an ocean for several reasons

  • it goes up and down like waves
  • it's long and big
  • it's sometimes blue Emotion: sad
  • life is full of life (like the ocean, duh)
~ An 11 year old trying to help someone
u have pretty good metaphors:) how about life is like the ocean:ur high tides are ur good days and ur lowtides is ur bad dais.
the ocean is vast and empty. your actions shape where you go and yet there is only so much you can do. In addition the sea infinite and however hard we try we must sail through the calm and rough parts of it until our demise.
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I just completed this for my college prep english class. I compared my life to an ocean wave. I talked about how my life has its highs and lows, how if anything gives me enough force I am sure to soar to fantastic heights. If you were to catch me during the right time of day you would be able to see all of my emotions spread across the floor like shells on a beach. I usually end up washing them away before anyone has the chance to see them. Thou I can be very powerful and sometimes calm, I still find a way to always come crashing back down.
life is like an ocean. you are like a boat. you cant always control the water so use your opportunity to row when you can.
Most of the suggestions in this thread are similes, not metaphors.
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