just wondering if you guys could settle a dispute for us..... We want to order two computer mice. Would that be mice or mouse's?
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Hello Anon

"Mice" seems like a slightly tired attempt at humour. I'd plump for "mouses".

Hello Mr.P.

No offense but how does "Mice" have anything to do with humour? And, when you say mouses wouldnt that be possessive? But even if you added the apostrophe s I think it would be mouse is. Seeing as the plural of mouse is mice I'd go with mice. Emotion: smile
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Hi Festisio,

As MrP mentioned, the word 'mouses' is preferable. In addition, both 'mice' and 'mouses' are plural form 'of mouse'.
My husband is a computer programmer, and he says people he works with say "mice."
Hello Festisio

I can only speak for BrE...

Here, when people say "mice" for the plural of "mouse attached to your pc", the word tends to have an air of "inverted commas", as if the speaker were aware of its faint whimsicality.

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I'm curious to know why your friends want to change the plural of mouse to mouses. Does the different meaning of mouse (attached to your computer vs. rodent) warrant a change in forming the plural?

Interesting question.

We often refer to a silly person as a "goose." If you have two silly people in the office, do we call them "gooses" or "geese"?

Unless the manufacturer of mice decides to call his products mouses, then I'd opt for the established plurals--mice and geese.

PS Nouns don't form a plural with 's. That's generally reserved for numbers (2's and 4's), letters (a's and b's) and words used as words (too many and's in that sentence).

I agree with the ones who say that it should be mouses since this is what the dictionaries say it should be. If you look up in most of the big dictionaries such as ALD (Advanced Learner's Dictionary) and Webster's, you will se that when we speak of a mouse (the animal) it should be mice in plural, and when we speak of computting it should be mouses in plural.

But one of you wrote that your husband was operating within the computting/computer world and they used mice when they said in plural, hence I do not know whether it should be mouses or mice. Should you follow what the dictionary tells you, or listen to the ones actually speaking the computting/computer terms?

I'm firmly persuaded that the plural of "mouse" will eventually become "mice-(or-should-that-be-mouses)", since that's what people usually say when they need the plural.

Fortunately, one is enough for most of us.

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