Please read the following quote from a magazine and help me understand what the underlined part means. Thank you.

....If Greenspan is perplexed, it may just be that he's looking too hard-or is loath to acknowledge his role in the conundrum. The flood of easy money generated on his watch to rescue the economy from the burst Internet bubble and other threats has found its way into everything-from oil, gold and timber to stocks, bonds, real estate, art and the price of a Mickey Mantle rookie card......
A Micky Mantle rookie card is an extremely expensive, children's collectible baseball trading card. Easy money raises the prices of this kind of luxury item-- there may have been a specific sale/purchase of one of these cards which the writer is referring to.
Thank you for your quick reply.

So, this card is part of American culture. In most cases, culture-related terms are a grim source of frustration for those who strive to learn other languages. This was another chilling reminder.