I'm working on a resume and for the life of me I can't get this one sentence to be read in MS Word with that squiggly green line telling me it's a fragment.

Please feel free to make any adjustments as long as it's basically saying the same.

"Coordinated with management the organization of special events, including private and formal parties in various venues throughout the city."

Appreciate any help
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Emotion: embarrassed Thank you!! Emotion: embarrassed
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What is your sentence that MS marks as a fragment?
Microsoft Word also considers interjections to be fragments would could get annoying.
Do not worry about fragments, in every document, if it says that, I just right click, click on grammar and then click on ignore rule. However, I would read my work aloud if I were you, just to make sure that it makes sense.

This is a generic statement, so do not delay to do so.
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