I read an article recently . But I do not know what is ?Midas touch? mean?
Thank for your help
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The 'Midas touch' is the ability to make money in situations or under conditions in which others would be unable to.

It was originally a power given to King Midas, who did not fare so well: everything he touched turned to gold... including his food, his wine, and his daughter.
Thanks. There is a car repair chain, Midas, that specializes in muffler. That must be it, they took it from King Midas.
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Thank you for your answer
You can go to www.google.com and enter "midas touch" in the search.
Thank You BMO. I found more information about ?Midas touch?.
Allusions of Greek Mythology is really interesting.
But I have another queasion about your answer? That must be it, they took it from King Midas.?I feel a little confused.
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Midas is a car muffler franchise, they fix muffler and other problems. They do good work and guarantee their work. Everything they fix is as good as gold, I think. That is my guess, do you agree?
Yes,I agree with you. I think that they chose a good name.
great, have a good day.
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