Can someone please tell me if the following sentence is in middle voice?

"Cinnamon marries with coffee and pecans."

Also can I get more examples of middle constructions? please

Yes. Here are some more on-line examples:

This oven cleans easily and effectively.
The clothes iron well.
The book is selling like hotcakes.
John terrifies easily.
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Thank you for the examples.

I was just wondering from the examples you gave me I can see that the verbs are always intransitive. However if my example is a middle construction : " Cinnamon marries well with coffee and pecans". Is the verb "marries" transitive? because it has "with coffee and pecans" following. Are the verbs in middle constructions always intransitives?

Thank you
It seems to me it has to be intransitive. 'Marry' is intransitive. We married in June. The prepositional phrase is a complement.
Thank you agian.

So I am have to explain why it is a middle construction: "Cinnamon marries well with coffee and pecans". How do I do that? Any suggestions?

Thank you
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Middle construction or mediopassive is a verb form which is active in form but passive in meaning: the subject does the action upon itself (though structures with the overt reflexive-- I cut myself-- aren't included, I think). That should be enough to explain it, don't you think?

The cinnamon marries (itself) with the coffee and nuts.

Or think of it as a passive with no agent:

The cinnamon is married (by no one) with the nuts and coffee.