1. What word or expression do you used to describe a thing that is not big and not small? Which of my sentences are correct?

1. It was a dog of average size.
2. It was a dog of medium size.

3. It was a medium-sized dog.
4. It was a middle-sized dog.
5. It was a midsized dog.

6. The dog was medium-sized.
7. The dog was middle-sized.
8. The dog was midsized.

2. And what is the difference between “medium” and “average”?

1. He is medium height.
2. He is average height.
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1,2,3 & 6 on the first are fine and then 1,2 on the second.

Medium can be used as average on Pace,(Average Pace/Medium Paced) Weight, Height, Built. Average has many nore uses ie average taste, average smell, average ability.

Middle - Aged or distance between to points
I wouldn't use average for a dog, unless you were talking about dogs within that breed. A medium-sized dogs can describe dogs from many breeds and gives me a sense of what you mean. Probably between 20 and 45 pounds. (Sorry, I can't think in kilograms - 10-20 kg?)

On the other hand, if you have a mastiff or teacup poodle and they fit their breed standard, they may be "of average size" for that breed but still be "huge" or "tiny" in the full scale of dogs.

My preference is "a medium-sized dog."
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Thank you for your quick replies.
1. Which "average" or "medium" is more common for sentences like this? What would you use in spoken speech? And should I used "of" in these sentences?

1. He is (of) average / medium height.
2. He is (of) average / medium build.

2. What do "average taste" or "average smell" mean? "Not bad" "nothing special" or "ordinary"?
With humans you can use "average" since the variability of size is much more limited. Either average or medium sound fine in your height and build examples.

I have no idea what "average smell" might mean. It's not something you are likely to see together.

I suppose "average taste" (also something I'm not likely to say would mean "ordinary" and "nothing special." (That would be neither very good nor bad.)
Maybe Dave Phillips could explain the meaning of "average smell" and "average taste"?

What would you say for example about the wine that is neither very good nor bad.?
This wine is rather average / mean / moderate / middling / so-so.
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The wine is rather average. Average in taste and smell, are common place in my world as a chef and sommelier. Average relating to the strength of smell and taste and also the predictability of it.
Now I know who I can consult about wine. Emotion: smile
Its easier to understand than grammar.
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