These is an interesting phenomenon in your great language that I would call " the middle voice " . The books reds well , the car handles well , it is obvious that the action is passive though active voice is used and I know it sounds idiomatic . Could you pleas provide more examples
VladvThe books reds well ,

Oh dear! That is not English...

The book reads well.

The meat browns well.

You may be referring to ergative verbs which can be used either active or passive.

The glass breaks easily.
The door closes quietly.



Other examples of middle voice that you often see include the following:

This bread sells well.
The meat cuts easily.
The metal won't pound flat.
Crystal breaks at the slightest touch.

They have the curious property that they need an adverbial or modal to complete the meaning.

There are arguments among linguists as to whether English really has a middle voice or if this group of constructions should be subsumed under the category of ergatives (also called anti-causatives).

While the middle voice may be interesting to a linguist, it is not used much either in conversation or in writing.