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It's already happened twice to me that people (one of them was a Canadian, the other was a fluent English speaker) didn't know that word - midge - when I used it as a synonym for 'mosquito'. They said that it was not common at all. Is that word out of use indeed, or maybe it's still common in some countries / provinces?
Midges are very different from mosquitoes, being a different genus. If you had been talking to a Scotsman, he would immediately have told you they are not the same. In Canada, they may be known as "sandflies".

They are a form of minute fly, and are generally found in massive clouds - see here for more information:http://medent.usyd.edu.au/fact/bitmidge.htm

For information on mosquitoes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosquito
Thanks, Feebs!