Please check my answers to the following multiple-choice test. Thanks!
  1. Midsummer’s Night _________ in Scandinavia with huge parties that go on all night.
    (A) is celebrated (B) celebrations (C) celebrating (D) are celebrated
  2. Wearing baseball caps backwards was _______ that everywhere you went you saw people wearing them that way.
    (A) such a popular (B) so popular (C) very popular (D) much popular
  3. The Olympic skier _________ more attention to the snow conditions. He fell.
    (A) should had paid (B) paid (C) should pay (D) should have paid
  4. Only in the last few days __________ of moving to a small house made sense.
    (A) the idea (B) was the idea (C) has the idea (D) did the idea
  5. The biggest buildings in the world were under construction, but none so ________ as those Gillette projected.
    (A) gargantuan (B) tiny (C) insignificant (D) small
My answers are below.

1. A
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. A

1. correct
2 .correct
3. 'should have paid'
4. 'has the idea'
5. correct
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I'm confused by #4. Please explain to me. Is it an inverted sentence as written in (a)? The underlined part is the subject, so the original sentence can be written as (b).

a. Only in the last few days has the idea of moving to a small house made sense.

b. The idea of moving to a small house has made sense only in the last few days.
Yes, exactly!