Do you see any special message behind the yellow lines?

"Millions of years ago, dinosaurs fed on the leaves of those trees. The dinosaurs were vegetarians. That's why they became extinct -- they were just too gentle for their size. And then, the carnivorous creatures -- the ones who eat flesh, the killers -- inherited the earth. But then, they always do, don't they?"



Yes, definitely. The speaker is by no means objective.

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Thanks, Clive!

...and sorry I didn't understand your point. What's the speaker trying to say?


He doesn't approve of killing, even in what some would call a natural situation.

He is bitter because he believes that killers achieve more success than non-killers.

He is undoubtedly a vegetarian.


There's definitely a larger message. Firstly, she's not just talking about dinosaurs, is she?

She's talking about mankind and how she feels that people who are truly nice, or innocent, are the ones that the rough, selfish people use and take advantage of. More than this, she's saying that the world is made and is better to the people who are selfish and immoral. The evil in humanity takes over and the innocent are left to die. I'm sure it could even be taken further.

This quote is from a Tennessee Williams play, so there's definitely more happening than a talk about dinosaurs or vegetarianism.

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