I've heard a phrase, "never been to/in Milwaukee" or something like that, and I think it has a figurative meaning.
Does anybody know idioms with Milwaukee? Or probably there is some cultural reference here?
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"I'm from Milwaukee,
And I oughtta know--
It's 'Blatz, Blatz, Blatz, Blatz'
Wherever you go!"

Sorry, Miche, that's the only Milwaukee phrase I know.
Thank you, MM!
Probaby if this rhyme is the reference, the clue is in "blatz" (something wonderful or something awful???). I couldn't find it in my dictionary. Can you tell me what "blatz" is?
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Miche - could you give us any context in which the phrase might mean anything other than its literal meaning? I googled "never been to Milwaukee" and found about 250 hits, and all the ones on the first page were just literal statements that the speaker had never visited the city. I tried "never been to Madison" (another city in Wisconsin) and got roughly the same number, also apparently straightforward. I'll be interested if anyone comes up with an idiomatic meaning -- certainly there could be, but I'm not familiar with it. (I've never been to Milwaukee personally!)

(On the other hand, if someone says, "I'm from Missouri," it might mean "I'm skeptical, I accept nothing without proof," because Missouri is nicknamed "the show-me state." )
Thank you all indeed!

Anne, your link was very helpful. Obviously, "blatz" is not the clue.

Knoff, the problem is that I heard the Milwaukee discussion several years ago and I don't remember the context.Emotion: sad Some translator was criticizing a colleague for having translated the phrase literally. I don't even think he explained the figurative meaning but just boasted he knew it and the other translator was a fool. Ever since I've thought myself a fool too. But obviously this is not a popular phrase (if a phrase at all).

Thank you all agian.
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BTW, Knoff, the Missouri note was very interesting. Emotion: smile
My wild guess:

"I have never been to Milwaukee" might mean "I have never drunk alcohol."
Milwaukee is a city well-known for its brewing industry. Never having been to the city could mean not drinking alcohol. This is what flashed across my mind. Remember I am shooting in the dark, expecting a fluke.
Pretty good guess, Komountain-- it sounds quite reasonable.

You've gotten me thinking about what it could possibly mean idiomatically, and my own wild guess is that is might mean 'I'm not well-travelled / I'm not very sophisticated or cosmopolitan'. For a prairie boy or prairie girl, a few years ago, a trip to the 'big city' of Milwaukee would be an exciting event. This would be said jocularly, of course, since Milwaukee is not much of an urban fantasia.

Well, at least we're all learning the correct spelling of the city's name-- no mean feat!

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