This was in my newspaper today:

Arthur is conducting an experiment. He places his stepladder on his basement's cement floor, and climbs up while holding a raw egg (in its shell) in one hand. While climbing, he accidentally drops the egg. However, it does not smash into a gooey mess after falling a distance of six feet. Why not?

(The answer is really frustratingly simple and stupid. You will be extremely annoyed at it when you figure out what it is — or when I tell you, whichever happens first.)
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Tricky one...but is it because the egg was already smashed even before Arthur dropped the egg?
Never mind...it says "in its shell."
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It was a plastic egg?
Because he catches it before it hits the floor?
Because he falls too and quicker than the egg and receive it again in his hand?
Because the egg was already a chick?
Because he had a experiment-mate down the stepladder waiting for the egg?
Because the egg smashed but little far where there was no cement?
'Cos the mother of the egg rescued it before smashing?
Emotion: sad
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All good guesses, and some of them make a lot of sense. Keep going and you'll get it.
Was it a fossilized egg? They're as hard as rock you know.
Its got something to do with the experiment right?
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