Wow, I think everyone should read this NOW.

It's happening again!!
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Yeah, it's pretty scary!!
A friend of mine, let's just say Mr X, is working on a version for Windows and Mac, but it is not an easy thing to do.
I agree with the website,
"The technology to implant ideas and images into a person's mind using electromagnetic and sonic waves was invented more than sixty years ago and has been growing more sophisticated yearly."

I heard that if you wear an aluminum hat, your safe. Is it true?
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What about telepathy? Do you believe in telepathy?
Does the Niagara Fall? Do apes *** out of trees? Do Mercedes bend?
Of course I do Maj, but your question is a little off the topic of the thread.
The thread is about electronic mind control.
I know exactly what you mean, dear. What am I supposed to say? What's the purpose of it?
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Surely your not serious Clive. Do you really think that software could work?
Are there really people out there trying to control our minds?
What about sex? Would you agree with Freud when he said sth like "sex is in the mind"? Would you think that our minds are very important for satisfactory sexual relationships?
Yes Maj, but please do some self mind control ... this thread is about electronic mind control - not Freud and his wierd ideas about sex!
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