Chloe: Clark, the Kandoriand are still MIA.
Clark: What about the Book of Rau?
Chloe: Yeah, lucky for us my
mini-watchtower-that-could Sth close to watchtower?

is actually pulling off a monster-wide Web search. So if there's any mention of the
book of Rau anywhere in this...
Bad news. Looks like I got a virtual Smakdown by the Red Queen.
Clark: Red Queen? That sounds like "Chekmate"!
Chloe: Despite her handle the Red Queen isn't a figure on "Checkmate"'s board.
In fact, the rumor has it that her name has been
filed under big, bad Nemesis. She's been reported to have been vengeful?
'mini-watchtower-that-could-- Watchtower' is a religious magazine. I think that may be what this is referring to.

filed under big, bad Nemesis. -- a nemesis is someone who is always causing you trouble
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Mister Micawber'mini-watchtower-that-could-- Watchtower' is a religious magazine. I think that may be what this is referring to.
Actually Watchtower is the building that is full of hi-tech widgets and heavy-duty
computers to track down people. But the Wacthtower was severy damaged.
So does she mean what's left of it?
Ah, I see. No. A 'mini-' + noun + 'that could' incorporates to grammatical techniques.

'Mini-' + noun = tiny + noun. I suppose this is already obvious to you. Here 'mini-watchtower' also suggests modesty about the speaker's equipment: it is much less sophisticated than the real Watchtower, I suppose.

Noun + 'that could' is an idiomatic reference to a popular children's book called [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Engine_That_Could ]THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD[/url], which teaches the moral that large efforts by small entities can lead to success.

Both the prefix (mini-) and the suffix (-that could) are common casual ad hoc coinages.
Thanks, Mister Micawber!
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