He is missing a few up here.

'Here' denotes his head. The sentence is used by a native speaker to mean He's crazy.

I'd like to see if 'miss something up' is a phrasal verb or slang.

I can't see "miss up" in the following English dictionaries.



as well as Merriam Webster, Oxford, Cambridge, Collins, Macmillan. Longman.

What's the meaning of 'up' in He is missing a few up here?

anonymous'Here' denotes his head.

There is no phrasal verb "miss up", nor is it intended.

"Up here" refers to the top of the body, e.g. the cranium. Compare with "down there" meaning a lower-down organ which can control a person's actions. That is the opposite of rationality; well, you get the picture. Emotion: embarrassed


Eureka! You have my gratitude.😂

You are [missing a few up] [here].

You are [missing a few] [up here].