Miss Universe was held in Quito, Ecuador this year and was won by Miss Australia. (I bet Mike and the Aussies around here are happy)

Ok, so it's a superficial event (in my opinion) but I have to vent a few of my thoughts.

Only by chance did I happen to see it the other night which is the first time in I don't know how many years (since i was a kid I think).

First, I think it is a very biased event. I find it suspicious how Miss USA usually gets in the top places (the results are in the papers). Is that because most of the judges are from the States? When it came down to two contestants, Australia and USA, I thought...Please don't let it be from the States again.

Sometimes I think that they more or less have an idea that the year's winner will be from a certian area or of a certain type. For example, this year from a small island nation, or this year a blond, or this year from ......

I was suprised that Miss Venzuela only got into the final 15. I bet the entire country was disappointed since it is a HUGE industry there, that's why they are (normally) always finalists. There prepare their models about a year before with all they've got (including surgery if necessary).

It wasn't too surprising how about 75% of the finalists were from Latin American countries. They do have a natural beauty about them (often with a 'firey' personality/spirit too I must addEmotion: wink ).

Anyway, that's a little bit of a rant and rave from my part. What does everyone else think about the Miss Universe event?
Was that a Don King production (maybe I’ve got my Donalds mixed up – they’ve both got big hair and do creative things behind the scenes) lol)
LOL... I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe it's like the 'PRO' wrestling where it's all acting and the winner is decided before it even starts.
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Ripley’s believe it or not…

King's latest promotion: President Bush's re-election -
Seattle Times - 3 Jun 2004