Please help!

I work with a number of people that I think are missing linking verbs in their grammar. This seems to be a “Pittsburgh thing” because I hear it here a lot but I don’t hear it in my other travels.

Could you please review the examples below and advise who is right? Also, is the error a linking verb issue or something else?

Some examples:

They say – “That proposal needs done”

I say – “That proposal needs to be done”

They say – “That error needs corrected”.

I say – “That error needs to be corrected” or “That error needs correcting”

I appreciate any help you could provide!! Thank you!

Joe W

Pittsburgh, PA
I agree with your corrections, Anon, though I'm more familiar to "make" a proposal. But I'm not a native, as you can see. Wait a bit more?
Stick to your guns, Joe. You're right.
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AnonymousThey say – “That proposal needs done”
They say – “That error needs corrected”.
Pittsburgh, PA
Those collocations are correct English as long as you live in Pittsburgh. Does it come from Yddish or German? I wonder ..

What you describe is more widespread than Pittsburgh, and yes, it is non-standard.
I'm not sure it's worth the trouble to correct it when you hear it although you may feel that such people probably do need corrected.

Are you sure "needs done" is actually "needs doing"?
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Are you sure "needs done" is actually "needs doing"?
Yes, either that or "needs to be done".