Is the phrase, "How may I direct your call?" grammatically correct and if not, why not.
Thank you.
Hi Richard, welcome to the forums.

In answer to your question: Yes, and it's a common phrase too..
seems to me,I guess, incorrectly?, that the words in this phrase refers to how the call is physically directed to someone else, like pushing a button.
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You have to bear in mind: There are many phrases, true to other language as well, that have figurative meaning just like idioms (e.g. better half means a spouse).
I forgot to mention, the phrase you posted above, "How may I direct your call," does not really have figurative meaning (I think) because you are asking the person how you may help him. Direct in this context does not mean to pass it to someone else-unless, the caller says so-but means how to respond to.
Jacko - Exactly!
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how may I direct your call?
Anonymoushow may I direct your call?

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