Find the mistake in the sentence.

During I've known him, he's always been kind and generous.
(A) During
(B) I've
(C) always
(D) been

I think its "During" instead of "Since" but if it will be Since then the sentence i believe will be "Since I knwe him" rather "Since i have know him". it will lead to change in S+V form as well.

But i saw in one post here in englishforum and its being suggested to be "been" by Jim.

Hence i am confused.

please help with the correct ans and why it is?
The mistake is the use of during. It should be since; otherwise 'during the time I've...' is correct.
During is a preposition and cannot be followed by a clause the way it is in your example. I would say: For as long as I've known him, he's always been kind and generous.

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Hi Philip thanks for you input but will "Since i've know him" will be correct ? i think it should be "Since I knew him"?
Hi CB, with this explanation its look fine to me that A is the Answer. Thanks for your input.

But Since is not the replacement for During. Am i right ?
During is incorrect in this sentence. It should be since.
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Thanks Philip for your reply.