Being with you doesn't make me good
It's just like you are a drug

I know that is bad for me
I know that is using me
I know that it can't let me breath

But I still like it

I'm addicted and the worst is that I know it well
It's just so wrong to deny it

I know that is holding me
I know that I cannot quit
I know all of this

But I stll can't stop

The more I have it,the more I want it
The more I hate it,the more I like
And I just feel like dying when I can't find my drug
And my you

Nobody can save me
Cause I'm blind and I cannot see
What he's doing to me...

What is it...?

The more I see it,the more I get blind
The more I get it,the more is hard to find
And I just feel so good when I'm using this drug
And my you.
at the end of the second section, the word should be breathe (verb)

Also, the fourth line might be better as "I know that it is using me", but the original way is fine.

In the last section "The more I get it, the more it's hard to find." (or ...the harder it is to find, but I like the repeating 'more')

This is a very beautiful poem; or is it a song?
It's a song I wrote xD

My band just plays songs in English and this is one of them =D