Hi guys!would you plz explain for me the differences between Mix,Open,and close punctuation in letter writting.I am really confused...

Thanks a million
Open punctuation has no punctuation after the salutation or complimentary closing, no commas in the addressee's address and no periods after abbreviations:

The President of the United States
Washington DC

Dear Mr Bush

Sincerely yours

Closed punctuation has punctuation after the salutation and closing, in the address and after abbreviations

The President of the United States,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Bush:

Sincerely yours

I suppose that 'mixed' punctuation is a middle way between these, and I also suppose that there is considerable difference of opinion as to whether and which punctuations are used where.
explain to me miw, open and close punctuations
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Actually there is only open and mixed punctuation. Open has not punctuation after the salutation and closing. However, mixed has a colon after the salutation and a comma after the closing. So you were close - the example for "close" is actually mixed.

open- has no punctuation mark

mix- consists a colon after salutation and a comma use after the complimentary close

close-there use comma after salutation and complimentary close

Yes I can
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