What is the difference between 'mnemonic' and 'acronym'?
An acronym is an abbreviation using the first letter of each word. For example AIDS is an acronym for acquired immunity deficiency syndrome.

A Mnemonic is a short phrase that you use to help remember something. So "Richard Of York Goes Battling In Vain" helps me to remember the colours of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.
AnonymousWrong again.
No, not wrong. Your version is the more common version, but the other is perfectly acceptable.
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I know this an ancient post, but since I just found it, I must report an error. Louise T's mnemonic is incorrect. The correct citation is "Richard of York Goes Battling in VAIN." (Not vein, as in blood transferer.) In the USA, we also use the easier "name" of the rainbow as ROY G BIV. Cheers.
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Wrong again. Richard of York gave battle in vain
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What if i say use the mnemonic A-H to report a suspicious person. Wat A -H
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What does 'Wat' mean, please?