1. I was afraid that if I asked him again he (can, may, might ) refuse.
2. She (shall, will, dare) sit outside her garden gate for hours at a time looking at the passing traffic.
3. (Should, Would, shall) you like another cup of coffee?
4. I wish he (should, would, will) not play his wireless so loudly.
5. I (am to leave, would leave, was to have left) on Thursday. But on Thursday I had a terrible cold, so I decided to wait till Saturday.
6.He (used, is used , was used) to play cricket before his marriage.

7. (Shall, Will, Would, ) I carry the box into the house for you?

8. He (will, can,might) come, but I should be surprised.

My choices are in bold.

Could anyone check my answers?

They are all correct.

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Thanks SirJi!

You have to choose the most appropriate one.

Cool BreezeThey are all correct.