Hi. Please help me with these.

1. Do you think the modal verb "would" in the following sentence show the action done habitually? I don't seem to sense any sense of repetition in the sentence (if that is pertinent). For one thing, I think the use of the modal verb "would" gives the impresson of it being tentative (not sure, though).

When he got home, he saw a lot of clowns. They would make great noise and play around.

2. Here, does the modal verb "should" act as a past tense verb? If it is, what is a past tense of? (Not sure, I asked correctly to reflect what I wanted to ask, though.)

He said they should do it.
1-- If it does not indicate past habit, then it is wrongly used; it is certainly not 'tentative'. After reading the two sentences, we must assume that he repeatedly went home and saw clowns.

2-- As it stands, no. We presume that should = ought to. He said they should do it today/tomorrow.
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Isn't should the past tense of shall?
Only rarely. (How often do you see 'shall' used?)

Here it is:

'I shall be King!"
He said he should be King.