Who can correct the following sentences?

They ? (not move) house yet. I saw them in town this morning.
I haven't seen Molly this week. I think she must have visited (visit) her parents but I'm not sure.
Her exam results are coming out soon. She worked very hard so she ? (do) well.
The woman’s just fallen over. Let's go and see her: she might be (be) hurt.
I don't know where she is. She can't still playing (not still play) teniss: it's been dark for the last hour.
I sent the letter two days ago so he must get (get) it by now, but you can never be sure.
It couldn't rain (not rain): the ground’s completely dry.
These glasses might be (be) Tim’s: they look a bit like his.
‘Why do you think Tricia was in such a hurry?’ ‘I don’t know. She (run)
to catch the bus.’
Why don't you give it your best try and we'll correct them afterwards?
but i have tried to solve them...you just have to correct those sentences.....(only the first, third and last sentences i didn't know how to solve them)